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Tick Alert: What to Do if You Find a Tick on Your Pet

Ticks are most active in the late spring and early summer, but they are a year-round problem in New Jersey and can transmit harmful diseases to your pet. Our Companion Care Animal Clinic team understands your concerns about finding a tick on your pet, and we explain what you should do if a creepy crawly [...]

6 Tips to Protect Your Pet From Lyme Disease

Ticks are prevalent in New Jersey, and according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the state has a high incidence of Lyme disease. Our Companion Care Animal Clinic team knows that finding a tick on your pet can be upsetting, and we offer tips to help protect your pet from Lyme disease. #1: Educate [...]

A Heartworm Pop Quiz for Pet Owners

How much do you know about heartworms? Heartworm incidence is increasing across the United States, and knowing about these dangerous parasites can save your pet’s life. Our Companion Care Animal Clinic team wants to test your heartworm knowledge, so we are giving you a pop quiz on the subject. Good luck! Question: Can your pet [...]

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