Wellness and Preventative Care

Dr. King is a firm believer that prevention is the best medicine. Diseases are most easily treated when they are diagnosed early. Routine wellness exams and annual lab screenings are the single best investments you can make in your pet’s longevity. At Companion Care Animal Clinic, all initial well visits are scheduled for 30 minutes with Dr. King, providing ample time to discuss nutrition, parasite prevention, vaccinations, and weight management, among other things. We strongly advocate for annual bloodwork and offer a variety of comprehensive wellness profiles suited to your pet’s life stage. +

Medical Care

Companion Care Animal Clinic is a full-service, day-stay animal clinic, with all of the necessary diagnostic equipment and medical therapies to diagnose and treat our sick patients. We have the most modern digital radiography equipment, as well as a comprehensive on-site laboratory, allowing us to make accurate and prompt diagnosis for sick pets. In some instances, critically ill patients may be referred to a local speciality and emergency facility. Dr. King has cultivated a network of specialists in the area throughout her career, to whom your pet can be referred in the event that specialty or emergency care is required. CCAC will happily collaborate with specialists to ensure seamless care for our patients. +

Soft Tissue Surgery

Dr. King has over a decade of experience in soft tissue surgeries such as spays, neuters, mass removals and bladder surgery. Companion Care Animal Clinic has a modern surgical suite with the most up-to-date surgical and anesthetic equipment. All surgical and anesthetic cases at CCAC have a technician dedicated to anesthetic monitoring before, during and after your pet’s procedure, ensuring your pet’s vital signs and comfort are closely observed. +

Advanced Dental Care

Companion Care Animal Clinic provides comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment (COHAT) plans for all patients requiring dental care. We have a state-of-the-art dental unit to assist with cleaning of the teeth... Oral nerve blocks and advanced techniques for surgical extraction of diseased teeth. All dental cases under anesthesia have a technician dedicated to anesthetic monitoring before, during, and after your pet’s procedure. Digital dental radiography will be added to the practice later this year, allowing us to diagnose and treat oral disease at the earliest possible stage, before your pet may experience oral pain or infection.+

Pediatric Medicine and Surgery

Companion Care Animal Clinic loves puppies and kittens! We are excited to welcome your new family member and will guide you through the process of ensuring your new pet has the necessary behavior training, vaccinations, nutrition counseling and parasite screening and prevention plan to keep them happy and healthy. Dr. King will also create a customized vaccination schedule, tailored to the lifestyle of your pet.

Find out more by reading our new puppy guide.

Geriatric Screening and Monitoring

Taking care of senior pets is very important to Dr. King. We offer many health screening techniques to assess the quality of life as your pet ages.

These include geriatric bloodwork, cardiac screening (radiographs, ECG monitoring, blood pressure, and cardiac enzyme testing), tonometry (eye pressure) to screen for uveitis or glaucoma, and dental examination. We can have a mobile ultrasonographer come to do screenings of the heart and abdomen if indicated.

Pain Management

Dr. King is a member of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management and is a strong advocate for multi-modal pain management in patients with chronically painful disease conditions such as osteoarthritis. Dr. King will customize a pain management plan for your pet, utilizing a variety of therapies including natural supplements, physical rehabilitation,  chiropractic evaluation and adjustments and providing prescription pain medications if needed. +

End of Life Care

Companion Care Animal Clinic is devoted to helping owners navigate the difficult decisions surrounding end of life care for terminally ill and geriatric pets. It is our mission to ensure that none of our patients experience undue pain or suffering in their final days. +